Monday, September 18, 2017


Wood For Water

How come this night
You wash in a pan
A shallow draw of stream water
Spilled down from wild apples
Of the mountain, where deer
Browse, make trail
Leave droppings

Hand over hand, you may
Think of it this way, or
Water that simply flows
Spreading into a sound of peepers
Where I’ve entered
Truck low geared
Flushing every redwing
From trees we were to clear

Blackberries grew then
Tickling stone walls
While working in the heat, high boots
Rolled pants
Many came apart wet in my hands —
Couldn’t save any, not even for you

That was a half year ago —
Now dead wood dropped, hauled, split
Chickadees perch closely, fluttering pine
There is firewood to stack dry
Someplace through winter

At night you bathe cold, cold water
Heated warm —
When you dress you forget underwear
And the thin white blouse —

Just a dress, sleeveless and red

Rope Of Bells

It is the

Rope of bells

You have put behind the door

That let me know

Whenever one of us goes

To the privy

The woodshed

The outdoors



It is Spring

Already you relax in a cotton skirt

Passing through mountains is a strong feeling

Fields plowed, new wood split, the hawk floating

Puffs of softwood in the gray hills

A river runs with snow melting

A small bridge neatly built to get by

There is a pleasure in such places

An old woman and her huge straw hat

Raking the far corner of a hay field

These Of The Morning

There is the wondrous that begins here

So easily, the pail that you put out in the rain

That fills

Walk a meadow

Hold a hand with your two hands

Be with your closest

Sunlight is never far away

We’ve crossed the small water into our surroundings

Hiked and became tired and loved

And what we didn’t bring with us

We found

In the smell of each other, the little movings


I'm In Love With You
Who Is In Love With Me
Longhouse 2012

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017


H A R R Y     D E AN    S T A N T O N

July 14, 1926 - September  15, 2017 

opening words spoken by hunter s. thompson (from samuel johnson)
 then harry dean stanton's
gears and oils voice takes over as
 the only one of reason 




Princeton 2016

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


driving while under the influence

it was three AM and I hit

the blinking yellow light

on the route three rotary near Drum Hill

we got out quick

to throw away beer cans

and then I backed up the car a bit

and tried to go forward

but the car wouldn't go forward

so I backed up around the rotary

into a gas station

I figured I could put my car

in the row of cars already there

and nobody would notice     right?

I get out and hide behind but

by this time I can see the flashing lights

and it was really something

the police cruiser goes around the rotary

take the exit I took

and comes right to me

I was alone      all my friends split

and they get me      for leaving the scene

driving under the influence

and being a minor in possession

all kinds of stuff      right?

I asked the guy found me

how'd you catch me?

he said he followed the leaking radiator

it leaked after the crash      right?

fifty million dumb cops in the world

and this guy

has to be a genius

Michael Casey
Adastra Press 1999

*by the way, "I asked the guy found me"
is how the line reads in the book